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Hillary Just Dropped A MAJOR LIE About Guns!


Sometimes Hillary Clinton makes statements so absurd that even her supporters don’t bother trying to defend them.

Many of her attacks against Bernie Sanders surround his supposed weak stance on gun control (in liberals’ eyes).

In the past she’s attacked Bernie Sanders for his stance that gun manufactures and sellers should not be held liable if their products are used in a crime. Sanders has supported legislation that shields manufacturers and sellers from such lawsuits.

It’s unclear why Clinton thinks this is a position worth attacking. Does she think we should be able to sue McDonalds and Burger King for the obesity epidemic?

Her latest statement is even more insane: that Vermont, a State that racks up gun murders in the single digits every year, is exporting gun violence to the rest of the country due to their weak gun laws.

Hillary Clinton’s most recent attack on Bernie Sanders — in which she claimed that his home state of Vermont is the source of “many” of the guns used in New York crime — is inaccurate and nothing more than campaign rhetoric, a prominent Clinton superdelegate said Tuesday.

Federal statistics undermine Clinton’s claim. Data collected by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives show that of the guns recovered by police in New York, less than one percent came from Vermont.

In 2014, out of 7,686 firearms recovered and traced in New York, only 55 were first purchased in Vermont.

That’s compared to 371 that came from neighboring Pennsylvania.

Hillary won’t like to admit it (and Sanders would probably wish the reality was different), but Vermont has extremely lax gun laws despite its reputation as a haven for liberals. Sixteen year-olds can legally arm themselves in the State, and the consequences are hard to find. There were only two gun murders in the entire State in 2010. Or as gun-controlled Chicago would put it, a day’s worth.

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