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People Magazine’s Worst Selling Issue in 2014? Featuring Hillary Clinton

People Magazine, for better or for worse, is often a good barometer of how the country’s women, in particular white women, feel about a given subject. While its editors are resoundingly liberal, the content they choose is usually determined by the pulse of the moment and is rarely political in nature. When it does get political, readers vote with their wallets. In 2014, they had a resounding vote against Hillary Clinton. The former Senator and presumable candidate for 2016 was featured on the cover – which was People’s worst selling issue for the entire calendar year.

hillary clinton

The year’s best selling issue featured actor Robin Williams on the cover after his sudden and surprising death. People’s readers have sent a message: Stick to what you do best – celebrity gossip. Americans don’t read a gossip magazine for its liberal political coverage. When it’s shoved down their throats, they simply won’t buy it.

Do you think this will change People Magazine’s liberal slant on political reporting?


Comments on “People Magazine’s Worst Selling Issue in 2014? Featuring Hillary Clinton”

  1. Adrian says:

    Hillary is looking old, fat and ridiculous as one who let her jerk husband run all over her on his way to a fat Jewish girl! What a nitwit.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.