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Tiger Woods’ Ex Just Dropped THIS News…He Will Be Shocked!

Tiger Woods

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, or so it goes.

It’s too bad when a relationship ends, but you still have strong feelings for them. I think everyone has been there. She’s pretty and I probably wouldn’t have done what he did. When you have the best at home, you do not go out for scraps in the street.

Nobody knows what Woods went through in his life other than he was previously married and some saw this as a rebound relationship. But that’s what happens when you have people on the outside looking in, they don’t realize what is going on in your lives.

Vonn is also looking to return to the Olympics, but she has stated that she is ready to get back into the relationship game. Whoever is lucky enough to date this young lady I hope they are happy and comfortable.

Tiger Woods

From Daily Mail:

Lindsey Vonn has revealed she still holds plenty of affection for her of ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods.

The couple split in May 2015 after almost three years together.

‘I still love him,’ she told Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday. 

‘He is a great guy and he is a great father, and I have the utmost respect for him and I wish him the best and we are friends. We are just two adults and it didn’t work out.’

After the split, a friend of Vonn’s told DailyMail.com that Woods ‘had relapse in the sex department’ and cheated on her with a with a ‘faceless-nameless woman.’ He has denied the allegations.

She now describes herself as single and ‘ready to mingle’.

When asked about her ideal guy, she said: ‘They just need to be confident and charismatic.’

‘That’s the only requirement. Just be confident in yourself and don’t be afraid to say hi. No one ever says hi to me! No one talks to me.’

She certainly looked out to impress while visiting Hollywood hotspot Craig’s on Monday night.

The 31-year-old Olympic skier and model rocked a very daring top with a plunging neckline for her fun night on the town.

Going through a break up because of infidelity is hard to anyone. It’s hard to talk about; it’s hard to express your feelings in a relationship that you might not be getting everything that you are putting in. Most of us have been in this spot where the best possible solution is a breakup.

Unless there is a huge amount of hate or animosity toward your partner, feelings will never die for them. Some even get back together. It’s never the same the second time around, and it could cause more problems than the first try.

Have you ever been in a situation like this where you still have feelings for your ex-partner? Share your experience below in the comment section and add this story to your Facebook or Twitter page.