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Tim Allen Has a Message for College Liberals and It’s NOT PC!


If there’s anywhere that’s a complete hive of liberal insanity, it’s on the American college campus. It’s where the most fringe elements of liberal culture are dominant. Safe spaces, trigger warnings, and all the other usual craziness. The latest stunt we’re seeing on hundreds of campuses nationwide are students pressuring their schools to become “sanctuary campuses” – in other words, acting like the way sanctuary cities do in protecting illegal immigrants from federal law enforcement.

Tim Allen off screen is tired of the way conservatives and Trump supporters have been treated. So, instead of remaining quiet, his show ABC’s Last Man Standing got creative by mocking PC culture, microaggressions, and censoring free speech on college campuses. On Friday night’s episode titled “Precious Snowflake,” Mandy Baxter is part of a business school committee selecting the keynote speaker at her commencement, and asks her father Mike (played by Allen) to do it.

Mike agrees, but shortly thereafter, he discovers that his speech has to be free of microaggressions. Phrases like “ladies and gentlemen” have to be removed because some people don’t identify as either. And it gets a bit more ridiculous from there.

He starts reading his speech in front of Mandy, saying, “‘Hey, everybody. America is the land of opportunity. I stand before you as –‘”

“Stop!” Mandy interrupts. “Okay, by saying that America’s the land of opportunity, you are implying that everyone has the same opportunities.”

“I’m not implying it. I’m saying it.” Mike quips. “If you live here and you work hard, you can succeed. That’s how this works.”

“Uh…yeah,” Mandy replies. “That one’s on here, too. It hurts the feelings of those who work hard and don’t succeed.”

“Give me that,” Mike grabs the stack of paper from Mandy filled with the list of the school’s microaggressions. “Where’s the list of stuff that doesn’t hurt people’s feelings? That’s got to be a short one.”

H/T Red Alert Politics

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Comments on “Tim Allen Has a Message for College Liberals and It’s NOT PC!”

  1. Marilyn says:

    “Precious Snowflake” was the best episode yet. LMAO. I really wonder if any of these college students recognize themselves. I can’t wait to see these new groups of college grads when they enter the adult world and have to accept some responsibility, take orders, and actually work for a living. Maybe they’ll just curl up in a corner and cry about the student loans THEY ASKED FOR, then wasted because they were too busy protesting or too distraught to study and take tests.