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Team Hillary Attacked Catholics, But Tim Kaine’s Excuse is Even Worse

Tim Kaine Catholic

There is something about Democrat VP candidate Tim Kaine that just isn’t right and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but whenever I see him, my paternal radar goes off the charts.

Kaine was asked by ABC “This Week” moderator Martha Raddatz if the Clinton campaign was going to apologize for disparaging remarks against Catholics and after dodging it a few times, he said there wouldn’t be an apology.

Last week, Wikileaks broke the story about how the Clinton campaign really feels about Catholics and other religions in America. Here is the released email:

Tim Kaine Catholic

From Free Beacon:

“Many took offense to the perceived mockery of Catholicism,” ABC host Martha Raddatz said. “You’re Catholic. Should the campaign apologize for these messages?”

Kaine dodged and said that he does not believe the validity of these hacked emails.

“I just want to say the writer of this email said he sent this email,” Raddatz said, trying to get him back on topic.

Kaine dodged again, citing that the emails had the potential to be doctored by the Russian government.

“This is an important topic that everybody needs to know about these emails,” he said. “One email has come up with my name in it and it’s completely inaccurate. Now, was it inaccurate because the sender didn’t know what he or she was talking about? Was it inaccurate because it was doctored? I have no way of knowing.’”

Raddatz asked again, point blank, if the campaign should issue an apology.

“We all have opinions and I don’t think you need to apologize for your opinions,” Kaine said. “But, in fact, that’s a great thing about our country and even about being Catholic.”

Wikileaks has already released enough proof that the media is in collusion with the Clinton campaign. As far as I am concerned anything reported on this presidential campaign by the media has zero credibility!

Usually, I don’t do this, but I can’t hold back when I tell you Tim Kaine is a liar. I also use that word for Nancy Pelosi and any other liberal who says they are Catholic. Kaine says he is a devout Catholic however Catholics believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and life begins at conception.

Kaine supports gay marriage and abortion. Catholics don’t get to choose what Catholic principles they agree with. Catholics must agree with all Catholic principles.

If you are a Catholic and are on the fence about voting for Hillary Clinton after this answer from Kaine? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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Comments on “Team Hillary Attacked Catholics, But Tim Kaine’s Excuse is Even Worse”

  1. Jesse says:

    While i am not a Catholic nor do I think of them as Christians given what they believe and practices they have I do not support any religion being attacked but given that Hillary like Obammy has herself for a god I know why she is attacking them. Kaine is like Biden he is selling his soul for Hillary to steal Freedom from Americans. So Kaine is not only a good Catholic but he is also a LOUSY Democrat and American. Anyone who supports Hillary is a LOUSY American because they support someone out to DESTROY America as is Hillary and her brand of Democrats(Obammy and Pelosi are prime examples of such Democrats).