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Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, just apologized for slavery. I had no idea that it was his fault. I’m glad we cleared that up! I always wondered where it started, either Muslim slavers or complicit warring African tribes, aided and abetted by the Democrat Party.

But it turns out it was Kaine! I had no idea. I don’t know about you, but I would never vote for a woman that has a ‘former plantation boss’ as her running mate, even though he apologized for it.

This has to be the pander of all pandering in the world’s history!

From the Baltimore Sun:

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine told urban leaders meeting in Baltimore on Thursday that a Hillary Clinton administration would focus on the deep social and economic challenges that confront the nation’s cities, including a need to revamp the criminal justice system.

Speaking on criminal justice reform in a city that has wrestled with the issue for years, Kaine — a former mayor of Richmond — argued for more police training, data collection and community policing rather than “adversarial, zero tolerance” strategies.

“A profound distance has grown up between law enforcement and communities in too many places in America, and that distance is dangerous,” he said. “Let’s support independent data collection, investigation and if necessary prosecution of police involved in deaths.”

Kaine vowed that he and Clinton, the Democratic nominee, would focus on other issues important to cities, including infrastructure, housing, environmental issues and re-segregation in public schools. He received a robust round of applause for noting that Virginia, under his term as governor, formally apologized for the state’s role in slavery.

The Democrats blame the Republicans. That’s the progressive way.  Democrats were the slave owners, not the Republicans; The Republicans worked to free the slaves and voted to give them rights, the Democrats voted against. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves; he was a Republican. Read our history; the Democrats blame everything on the Republicans, and sad to say people believe it.

Do you agree with Kaine apologizing for something he personally had nothing to do with or do you agree he should apologize for it? Add your voices to the comment section below and let me know what you think. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Tuffy says:

    When it comes to pandering this guy going to give Hillary a run for her money.

  2. Barbara says:

    This is what the Black Americans need to get drilled in their heads , it was never the republicans. When it comes to that old saying that if you repeat in long enough they will believe it. and that is exactly what the DEms have done all these years. But I hope alot of them have come into the insight that what the dems have been preaching to them all these years {say over 100yrs} that they were brainwashed in believing that the Rep. were the bad guys. and that now their eyes have been opened.

  3. Jerold says:

    And the Democrats formed the KKK.