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Tim Scott Has Some Strong Words for Anyone Offended By Hearing ‘All Lives Matter’


Senator Tim Scott, the first black Republican elected to Congress from the South since Reconstruction, has a message for the Black Lives Matter hate group.

If you don’t like it when I say ‘all lives matter,’ you can stick it.

Or at least that’s roughly what he said.

Scott said that if the phrase “all lives matter” is offensive to anyone, then that is their problem.

Watch the segment below…

Via Mediaite:

Senator Tim Scott said tonight that if people are honestly offended by him or anyone else saying “all lives matter,” that’s their problem.

On CNN tonight, Scott told Brianna Keilar, “If it causes offense to say that all lives matter, black lives, white lives, police officers… if that is somehow offensive to someone, that’s their issue, not mine.”

He lamented the “regression in race relations” over the past few years and said people offended by messages of unity need to “look into their own hearts and figure out why that is.”

Scott said that acknowledging the country’s “provocative history on race” isn’t the problem, it’s people such as those in the Black Lives Matter movement who refuse to move beyond the past.

“One of the things I’ve said since I’ve been an elected official,” he explained, “is we are better together.”

“To find a way forward, it is truly together,” Scott said.

Comment: Is Tim Scott right? Can the Black Lives Matter movement take their fake outrage and shove it?




  1. Rick says:

    The dumbasses over at CNN can’t even get their banner right. Scott is not the Governor of SC…he’s a senator.

  2. Charlotte says:

    All lives matter even if a green man from mars ,Black lives matters is a slogan that some guy is trying to get rich.Like Sharpton and Jackson pushing hate..This slogan needs to be replace with all lives matter..Even our president is using Blacks to help destroy America. People wake up you are a pawn in a big game that will destroy our country .