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Tebow’s Back! He Just Made A Big Announcement About His Future!

Tim Tebow

Football star and Christian activist Tim Tebow has just announced his future athletic plans and it has millions of his fans stunned and excited!

Tebow, who has not played football professionally in several years, just announced his intention to play baseball professionally and plans to hold a workout for Major League Baseball teams later this month.

Tebow had an accomplished high school baseball career where he was All-State in Florida as a junior, leading his high school to the final four of the state playoffs.

From ESPN:

“Obviously we support Tim in his pursuit of a baseball career, as we have in all his ventures,” said Sexton, Tebow’s football agent, who is now working with CAA baseball agent Brodie Van Wagenen.

“Tim’s athletic ability, his work ethic, his leadership and his competitiveness were evident in football and will show in baseball. Knowing Tim’s passion and desire, we won’t be surprised by anything he accomplishes.”

Tebow — who turns 29 on Sunday — has notified his current employer, ESPN, of his desire to chase a baseball career, but he will continue to fulfill his broadcast obligations to the network.

All 30 MLB teams will be invited to Tebow’s workout at the end of the month, an event he has been preparing for over the past year. Those who have seen Tebow hit have been surprised he picked up the sport so quickly after not playing it since high school.

But football coaches had been aware of Tebow’s baseball prowess. One of Urban Meyer’s first encounters with Tebow was on the baseball field, and college coaches knew of the quarterback’s interest and talents in baseball.

Now, with Tebow’s football career stalled, he has decided to pursue another one of the sports he excelled at in high school.

What are your thoughts on Tebow suspending his career in football to play baseball? Do you support his decision? Share your thoughts below! 



  1. Gary says:

    Tebow just doesn’t know when to shut up

  2. gmhunt says:

    Yes I suport Tebow….he should pursue somthing he enjoys doing. I only wish the Best for him.