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Tim Tebow Parts Fighting Football Players ‘Like the Red Sea’


A fight broke out yesterday at a joint practice between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens, but before things could escalate, noted Christian quarterback Tim Tebow stepped in to keep the peace.

In fact, according to Bleacher Report correspondent Michael Tanier, Tebow arrived on the scene and players immediately stopped fighting.

via Time:

Tim Tebow might be famous for his prayer crouch, dubbed “Tebowing,” at NFL games. But the Philadelphia Eagles player might want to add “diplomacy” to his list of skills.

Tebow’s team was co-practicing with the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday when, for unclear reasons, a fight broke out between the teams. The quarterback then stepped in, according to Sports Illustrated, and cooled tempers. Bleacher Report‘s Mike Tanier wrote that the players “[parted] like the Red Sea” when Tebow intervened.

The former Florida Gators star is attempting to earn a place as a third-string quarterback with the Eagles.

Another sports reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer confirmed that account:

One response to the incident joked about Tebow’s healing powers:

The NFL needs to do away with joint practices. They have an increased level of intensity with guys fighting for their jobs. Those guys then have the ability to take out frustrations on someone on another team as opposed to their own. And the practices lack the structure and discipline required in an actual game format.

One could imagine more fights like this breaking out at joint practices. And not every team has a peace keeper like Tim Tebow on the roster.

What do you think of Tim Tebow’s chances of making the Philadelphia Eagles this year?


Comments on “Tim Tebow Parts Fighting Football Players ‘Like the Red Sea’”

  1. sunnyblues says:

    I think the chances are excellent. He is a very talented football player and needs a fair chance to hone his skills and find his place. And the Lord knows we need players who are decent, hardworking, sportsman-like, and passionate about the game instead of the fame and fortune many others seek.