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The Deadly Substance This Child Finds At A Wal-Mart Raises A Lot Of Questions!


Families normally come across great savings at retail goliath Wal-Mart, but this child found something not just dangerous, but downright deadly at The Place with the Happy Face!

Watch this video to learn how close this child was to danger!

What was this deadly and HIGHLY ILLEGAL drug doing in a Wal-Mart? Is Wal-Mart part of a global drug cartel? Why are people being allowed to bring drugs into stores? These are the same places that are outraged when people bring their legal firearms in. Where’s the outrage over the drugs? Where are the calls to boycott Wal-Mart? Also, who just LEAVES meth lying around? What was the druggie doing in the Wal-Mart? Meeting a buyer? Maybe looking for things to steal in order to buy/make more meth? This, combined with Wal-Mart insulting our veterans makes me want to do my Christmas shopping elsewhere!

So many questions. NOT ENOUGH ANSWERS! 

Raise awareness and demand Wal-Mart remove ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS from their stores!