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Tom Brady SHUTS DOWN His Anti-Trump Teammates

As many of you may have heard, some people managed to politicize the Super Bowl. How? Because Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is friends with Trump – so they represent The Donald….. somehow.

That led to some liberals putting out tweets that are extremely embarrassing in hindsight.


There were a number of hysterical liberals tweeting out that “white supremacy” won the Super Bowl, following the Patriot’s victory (even though the man who scored the winning touchdown for them was black).

And the craziness hasn’t stopped since then! Even some members of the Patriots are joining in on the craziness, echoing the sentiments of the anti-Trump crowd. Several members of the Patriots announced that they will not be joining their teammates when the team takes the traditional visit to the White House that Super Bowl winners get to make.

The voice of reason in response? Tom Brady, of course. Here’s the message he sent out:

H/T The Young Conservatives

Now, that’s a comeback!

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Comments on “Tom Brady SHUTS DOWN His Anti-Trump Teammates”

  1. Patrick says:

    We love Patriots!