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Top 5 Thanksgiving Desserts – MAKE One Of These!

Yes, that is your saliva glands watering up at these pictures of beautiful cheating pleasures. If you aren’t sure what you want to have after your turkey day dinner, hopefully these will help you decide.

Thanksgiving Dessert

5. Carrot Cake – I don’t remember when it became our tradition to make this carrot cake each Thanksgiving. It’s not a Thanksgiving dessert – my mom got the recipe from a friend when I was a kid and made it now and then on special occasions, and it was always a hit. As a child, of course, I was wild about the fact that it didn’t have raisins (and I still believe, regardless of whether or not they are “nature’s candy,” that dehydrated grapes have no place in the cake) and the decadent cream cheese icing.

Thanksgiving Dessert

4. Pecan Pie – I never really thought about eating pecan pie when I was growing up. It didn’t look like “real pie,” so I watched others smack their lips and smile while I ran with the other kids. My grandparents lined up this pie one Thanksgiving, and I gave into my desire to try it and after tasting it, all I want to do is just stuff myself with it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t because others had to have a chance.  However, I did have a huge piece that was probably about a third of the pie. It’s one of my favorites now.

Thanksgiving Dessert

3. Chocolate Cake – Ok, everyone has to love chocolate cake with rich chocolate icing. Make sure you have a nice tall glass of milk and you are set for that 10-15 minutes of slowly eating away at that piece sitting in front of you, hoping to glance over at the plate where you got your original piece, hoping to see more of it up there for seconds. I have to admit chocolate cake is year-round for me, and one I take pleasure in teasing my children with.

Thanksgiving Dessert

2. Sweet Potato Pie – My mother makes the best sweet potato pie around, and now I have the formula. I was working in North Carolina, and I boasted how I knew how to make “the pie.” Nobody believed me until I brought it in. People were astonished when it tasted like the old-fashioned way. One of my staff told me this is the way her grandmother made it. Sweet, full of sweet spices and one particular ingredient I shall never give out…hey, it’s a family secret.

Thanksgiving Dessert

1. Apple Pie – Who doesn’t agree on apple pie with a couple of spoon fulls of vanilla ice cream doesn’t hit the spot after Thanksgiving Dinner?  You would be lying to yourself and your friends not to claim this weakness. I dub this the overall winner of my top five desserts.

Honorable mentions – Apple Crisp, Cheesecake, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Apple Cobbler, Upside Down Cake.

You might have something different to add. Share that with me in the comment section below. Let me know your top five desserts. I will be looking out for it. Add this to your Twitter/Facebook timeline to see what your friends say too.