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Top Democrat Just Made SHOCKING Statement About Trump And Racism!

Donald Trump

So here House Rep. Elijah Cummings is desperately trying to blame Donald Trump for what you have been watching the last week or so around America. Common sense thinkers already know Trump hasn’t been in the picture but for a year. This Congressman happens to represent an area including the city of Baltimore. Remember that place? The Mayor of that city decided to allow malcontents to destroy things by giving them space.

He has been in Congress for umpteen terms. Baltimore hasn’t had a Republican city council member since 1948 (nineteen hundred and forty-eight), and Cummings claims the situation today is primarily caused by Trump’s tweets this year? This is idiotic. I rest my case.

From Youtube:

“I think we have to be careful about whatever we say these days that goes from our leaders to what people put on Facebook because I do think people have a tendency to act on certain things,” he said.

It sounds like Cummings was speaking about Donald Trump in that statement.

“A lot of people don’t understand what it’s like for African American men and boys to know that at any moment you’re going to be pulled over and that your life could end,” he said.

“I would tell him that he’s going to have a lot of barriers to getting to where he has to go, but that he can make it,” he said. “And I would tell him to do everything in his power to get a good education, but I would also tell him to be careful in everything he does.”

Here is the interview below:

Obama built this bonfire, and Cummings has additionally been pouring gasoline on it for almost eight years.

Rep Cummings, Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the race baiting Democrats know that black men are more likely to be hit by lightning or eaten by a shark than to be wrongfully killed by a police officer.

They continue to slander the police as brutal racists out to gun down black men. They continue to lie, slander and incite the mobs, crazies, and haters. They caused the death of two police officers in NYC, and I think they incited what happened in Dallas.

Liberals are sick people.

H/T – Youtube

What do you think of Cumming’s rhetoric and divisiveness? I didn’t vote for him in Maryland but I wish someone would vote him out. Share your voice in our comment section below. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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