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Top Five Most Ridiculous Things the Feds Spent Money on in 2014


Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma comes out with a “Wastebook” every year, highlighting the most outrageous examples of government spending. The things that the federal government spends money on may shock you!

Here are the top five most ridiculous things the federal government spent money on this year:

#5: Studying the movements of sea monkeys – $50,000

sea monkeys

#4: Putting mountain lions on a treadmill – $856,000

mountain lion

#3: Providing rabbits with a relaxing daily massage – $387,000

bunny massage

#2: Watching monkeys gamble – $171,000

monkey poker

#1: Watching grass grow – $10,000

watching grass grow 2

Leave it to the government to fund this stuff! What will they fund next?

H/T: Fox