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Breaking: Top Republican Just Endorsed Donald Trump!!


Despite previously backing Florida Senator Marco Rubio for president, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has revealed that she will likely support Donald Trump in the General Election!

Haley’s likely support is crucial for Trump, who needs to coalesce both Tea Party and establishment members of the Republican Party if he wants to win in November.

From Politico:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on Wednesday tried to dispel any speculation that she would be Donald Trump’s running mate, but she also signaled she would support him in the general election.

“I have great respect for the will of the people, and as I have always said, I will support the Republican nominee for president,” Haley said Wednesday, according to the Charleston Post and Courier. “To the members of the press who are asking, while I am flattered to be mentioned and proud of what that says about the great things going on in South Carolina, my plate is full and I am not interested in serving as vice president.”

Haley’s comments came a day after Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the GOP primary for president and the same day that Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced that he was ending his campaign, leaving front-runner Trump on a certain course for the Republican nomination.

Haley has often been mentioned as a vice presidential prospect. She previously supported Sen. Marco Rubio and then Cruz after Rubio dropped out of the primary.

Other establishment Republicans have so far remained silent on whether or not they will support Trump in November, but now that he is the presumptive Republican nominee, things might change!

Do you think Haley made the right decision by coming out now and announcing her plans to vote for Trump in November or does it not change your opinion of her? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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