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Top Republican Just Said THIS About Obama And Orlando Shooting!

Orlando Shooting

I wonder if Sen. John McCain understands that it won’t just be Donald Trump Supporters in the General Election he has to win over? Arizona has a 30% Latino population, and Trump has already blown THAT demographic for him. What good will making all rational and decent people mad at him by acting like Trump do him?

McCain publicly cited Barack Obama as DIRECTLY responsible for the Orlando shooting and the atmosphere leading up to it. He repeated himself SIX times. You cannot unring saying the sitting President is “DIRECTLY Responsible” for Orlando.

Hell.. that is even further than Trump is willing to go. He only implies. John McCain flat out accused POTUS of making the whole thing happen.

Orlando Shooting

And it won’t even take Democrats to keep reminding people he said this. Trump will do that for him every chance he gets. Trump will be repeating words to that effect for the next five months, and John McCain will spend the next five months trying to explain he didn’t mean to say it that way…

Talk about an unforced error… Grandpa just blew it. Bye Bye McCain. Who will Lindsey Graham take to the Sadie Hawkins Dance next year with you gone?

So the question of the day is: How many of these attacks occurred under Obama and how many happened under all of our previous Presidents combined? Is he personally responsible, NO, but he and our current politics certainly helped to create the climate in this Country for these type of acts to occur. Killing innocents, burning innocent’s buildings, people killing cops, bad cops killing good people, gang violence, and last but not least the Executive Branch not enforcing current law. Our country was once the best in World History, where do we stand now!

Everybody warned Obama and the left what would happen if he cut and left Iraq, didn’t they? Well, ISIS is a direct result of yet another lame-brained idea out of this ridiculous Administration.

This is why our nation needs new leaders with a backbone and voters are running to Trump!

What happened to you John? You went from one of the most respected men in government to becoming just another blanket partisan hack. I’m sorry I voted for you and glad I became an independent this election season.

If you disagree with me, that’s fine. But have the maturity to do it civilly.

McCain is getting senile and is embarrassing himself. It is sad to see a man who was an American hero become such a buffoon.This is ridiculous! I only pray we can pull together for once and turn our country around.

H/T – Situation Room

Do you think McCain should have rescinded his criticism of Obama? Does it make him look weak for taking it back so fast? Share your opinions below and add this to your Facebook and Twitter page.