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I Can’t Believe What THIS Top Republican Said About Mitt Romney!


Mitt Romney needs to stop talking. Everything he says just proves how out of touch with the voters he is. Did he even ask about the Clinton Foundation’s accounting? Please Mitt, feel free to stay home from the convention. No one will notice.

Rep. Darrell Issa, Chair of the Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, seems like he’s had enough of Romney and the problems he’s causing. The former Governor decided he wasn’t going to run for office in 2016, and now he’s causing problems for the presumptive nominee Donald Trump. What gives?

Time for Romney to be quiet and get behind the GOP people’s choice or sit on the sidelines and watch the parade go by. If he can’t do that, his days as any leader in the GOP are OVER! It’s got to hurt that the people chose Barack Obama over him for a second term (which many today regret) in a landslide, but Romney didn’t join the race this time, and so there’s no way he could have beat Trump (not being in the contest!)


From Washington Times:

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa took aim at 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney Wednesday, saying he “needs to get over” Donald Trump winning this year’s nomination and help the party unite before November.

Appearing on CNN, Issa went after Romney hours after the former nominee said that Trump may have a “bombshell of unusual size” sitting in his tax returns, which Trump has refused to release while being audited.

“He needs to get over the fact that, in fact, somebody he didn’t pick won,” Issa told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “I was a Marco Rubio person, I was on the campaign trail for four months. You know, Donald Trump’s a good man. He wasn’t my first choice. Mitt Romney’s in the same boat.

“We need to unify, and I think we’re coming together. It is important that we all come together,” Issa continued. “We’ve come together over more controversial candidates in the past, including Gerald Ford and, actually, [George] H.W. Bush after the largest tax increase in American history.”

I agree with Issa 100 percent. We need to unify as a party and we can’t keep having former leaders whose feelings are hurt because they don’t have a large voice in the party anymore causing mayhem and discord.

Mr. Romney, what is your problem? The primary is over. The only potential surprises left are the slim possibility Hillary gets indicted and the slimmer possibility that Bernie might somehow beat her.

H/T – Washington Times

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