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TOP Republican Says He Will NEVER Vote For This GOP Candidate!


A Republican lawmaker from New York, Rep Peter King, has a serious hate on for Sen. Ted Cruz, and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s widely known King has a problem with a few of the young Senators such as Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, but he had a strong hatred for Cruz.

Cruz didn’t help himself out by calling out “New York Values” in trying to take down GOP front-runner Donald Trump. It was a low blow for Cruz to use that line especially when his wife Heidi worked for Goldman Sachs as a Vice President.

The Presidential race now shifts to the state of New York, and King will not cast his vote for the Texas Senator.

Peter King

From Newsmax:

New York Rep. Peter King underscored his feelings on presidential candidate Ted Cruz Tuesday, saying he would “never vote for” the Texas senator.

Cruz trails Donald Trump in the Republican race for president, but he’s hoping to have a big showing in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary. King, also a Republican, said he has not decided who he’ll support for president.

“I can tell you one thing: I would never vote for Ted Cruz,” King told CNN, reports The Hill. 

King supported Florida Sen. Marco Rubio before he suspended his campaign last month. The active candidates still jostling for the nomination are Trump, Cruz, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Cruz stands the best chance to defeat Trump, although talk in recent days has revolved around another name — House Speaker Paul Ryan — as the potential nominee.

Watch how King describes Cruz in detail! There is no love lost here:

The electoral map gets even more difficult for Cruz moving forward. You have to figure that Trump is going to take New York, New Jersey, and California as almost sure bets. Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Oregon are also marginally safe bets for Trump.

Now I am not saying he is absolutely going to get the nomination. I’m just saying that once again the media is engaging in a case of wishful thinking when reporting that this will be his demise. It is going to be interesting to see on April 19th in New York, how Cruz’s “New York Values” speech is going to treat him. I would speculate Cruz will get below 20% in New York, which has 92 delegates at stake.

H/T – Newsmax

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