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What He Does to Total Strangers at the Grocery Store Leaves Jaws on the Ground!

“We want as many people in the entire world to see this and want to do this. Fill My Basket is us paying it forward to complete strangers. Going to a grocery store and getting behind somebody and waiting for the bill and paying it and walking away.”

Those are the words of Matthew Danuser. With his buddies Disty Simpson, Nick Bubb, and Felix Cornejo, he started the organization Fill My Basket with the goal of surprising complete strangers by paying their grocery bill. They’ve been on a mission to put smiles on people’s faces ever since.

They film the heartwarming effects of this simple act to keep their chain of kindness going.

Watch below:

Supermarket sweet: This generous organization pays for strangers’ groceries and is giving back one cart at a time.

Think you’ll be doing this one day? I can’t think of a better gift to give someone in need this Christmas! Share this post on Facebook and Twitter to spread the kindness!