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You’ll Never Believe the Action Figure Toys ‘R’ Us Has Been Forced to Pull


It apparently took a letter-writing campaign by one outraged mom for Toys ‘R’ Us to realize the obvious: The show Breaking Bad, about drug dealing delinquents and meth-making science teachers, isn’t exactly kid-friendly. Despite this, it appears the toy chain was stocking collectible dolls of four of the main characters, including the aforementioned delinquent and science teacher, on its shelves. A petition was written, which has collected 8,000 signatories according to Fox News. They report,

On Monday, Bryan Cranston, the actor who played White, responded to the controversy, tweeting, “I’m so mad. I am burning my Florida mom action figure in protest.”

The debate has also spurred die-hard adult figure collectors to rally behind Toys R US. Daniel Pickett, of Manhattan Beach, California, launched a petition on change.org in favor of the toy seller keeping the dolls. So far, it has collected nearly 3,000 signatures.

“I’m a parent of a school aged child myself, but I’m an informed, responsible parent and I closely monitor the toys, TV, music, movies and games that my daughter sees,” Pickett wrote. “That’s my job, and I take it seriously. But I also like toys/action figures and I want 3-D representations of characters from my favorite properties and I love being able to walk into a store and find them.”



Perhaps I shop online too much, but I find it somewhat surprising that Toys ‘R’ Us has an adult-only section. If I was a big enough fan of the show, I suppose I would be interested in purchasing one of these dolls, but they, along with other dolls and toys of an adult (even if it’s non-sexual) nature don’t belong in the same store as Elmo and Dora. There’s enough things in this world that force our children to grow up too fast, we shouldn’t be worried about letting them wander off to play with toys they find in Toys ‘R’ Us.

Would you buy a Breaking Bad action figure? Do they belong in Toys ‘R’ Us?