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Tracy Morgan Breaks Silence! You’ve Got to Hear What He Says About Walmart After the Accident!


Yesterday on the Today Show, comedian Tracy Morgan gave his first interview since a crash last summer that left him comatose and left a close friend dead. Last June, while on his way back from a comedy show in Delaware, Morgan’s limousine was involved in a crash with a Walmart truck. The driver of the truck had fallen asleep at the wheel, which led to the late-night collision on the New Jersey Turnpike.

In the year since the crash, Walmart has taken full responsibility for the accident, paying the family of the deceased $10 million. Morgan has also recently settled with the company for an undisclosed sum. With the legal ramifications of the accident over, and having made considerable physical progress after being left with broken bones and a traumatic brain injury, Morgan was finally able to break his silence and did so in a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer.

The most surprising aspect of the interview came at the end when Morgan tearfully and sincerely thanked Walmart for their full cooperation and assistance post-crash. While the lawsuits could have become quite messy and drawn out, neither party let them, instead quietly settling for a monetary amount and moving on quickly.

The grace that Morgan showed the company and its employees is remarkable in today’s world of litigation, especially given the other party, a reviled discount chain which many liberals take pleasure in mocking and deriding. Most Americans would understand if Morgan felt and expressed anger at the driver and the company, and the media would have participated in the latter’s public crucifixion, but Morgan showed himself to be a better man. He told Lauer “In the beginning there was a misunderstanding, but they came through in the clutch” when discussing the settlement the company reached with friend James McNair’s family. Lauer tried to quickly move on given the time constraints of the interview to more buzzworthy topics, but Morgan and his lawyer made a point to thank Walmart’s CEO for wanting to privately meet with Morgan in order to apologize in person.

Not only did Morgan thank Walmart, he also made a point to thank everyone who aided in his rescue and care post-crash. He thanked everyone he could think of: drivers on the NJ Turnpike who stopped, the helicopters which flew him to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, doctors and nurses, naming one, Jackie, at JFK Medical Center in Edison, where he was later transferred.

Comment below: Could you have publicly forgiven Walmart in the same way Morgan did?


Comments on “Tracy Morgan Breaks Silence! You’ve Got to Hear What He Says About Walmart After the Accident!”

  1. Lenie says:

    of course I could, Walmart wasn’t to blame, the driver fell asleep behind the wheel, not Walmart, Walmart handled this situation admirably..