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Tragic New Details Emerge About Shooting Death Of Cop!


We are getting tragic new details about the tragic death of Prince George’s County Police Officer Jacai Colson, who was accidentally shot by one of his fellow officers during a gun battle with a Maryland criminal!

From The Washington Post:

Michael Ford is only 22, but he recorded his last will and testament in a cellphone video and then headed to the Landover, Md., police station on a quiet Sunday afternoon to die, police said.

Ford fired randomly at an ambulance, other vehicles and the doors of the station, pinning down officers who poured from the station to confront him, police said. Two of his brothers stood nearby recording the ambush with cellphones as it unfolded moment by agonizing moment.

Amid that barrage, an off-duty detective, Jacai Colson, arrived to visit another officer. Colson sprang from an unmarked police car and “heroically” drew Ford’s fire as he exchanged shots with the gunman, the police chief said.

The move allowed officers to overcome Ford, but in a chaotic moment, a shot probably fired by one of Colson’s fellow officers struck him and ultimately took his life.

Colson, an undercover narcotics detective, was in street clothes. It is unclear whether the officer who shot Colson confused him with an assailant or whether Colson was wounded accidentally amid the chaotic gunfire, Prince George’s County Police Chief Henry Stawinski III said.

Stawinski expressed anger and incredulity Monday as he relayed the story of how the four-year police veteran lost his life and a man who intended to take his own life by drawing police fire had survived.

Colson’s parents stood at the chief’s news conference, arm-in-arm nearby, leaning on each other for support.

When asked why Ford would carry out an attack on a police station while his brothers recorded the death of an officer, Stawinski said there was no answer.

“This is about nothing,” Stawinski said. “It was unprovoked. Michael had a history of mental illness. But what is more troubling to me is that anybody could stand by so callously and do nothing.”

County prosecutors were preparing charges against the brothers.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Colson family during this trying time! Please leave a comment below to pay your respects to this fallen officer!