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Marine Combat Veteran Documents His Sex-Change – WHOA

Now I’ve seen everything! Everyone has a journey in life, and they need to live their destiny to the fullest! With that said I have lived by the belief that honesty is the best policy – so I am giving you this fascinating story, but I don’t condone this transition.


Sona Avedian, formerly known as Matthew, is a six-tour combat veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. Upon leaving the Corps, he grew a thick, bushy beard and settled into family life with his wife and daughter.

However, Avedian says that she had always identified as a girl, but hid that side of herself leading up to and during her military service. Avedian used a masculine physique, sports cars, and a large beard to compensate for the fact that she always felt more like a woman.

In 2012, Avedian started hormone therapy and over the next several years lost 100lbs, had breast augmentation surgery, and laser hair removal.

Avedian is now spreading her story and gaining a lot of media attention in the process. According to an interview:

“I could only hide so much,” she said. “I was exhausted and I could no longer hide behind these deployments.”

‘Personally I’m much happier, I don’t have any conflicts with who I am. I am definitely a tomboy and that’s okay. Before I couldn’t stand myself and I couldn’t interact with people.’

Avedian is currently a ride sharing driver for Uber and Lyft and now resides in Texas. Some people can’t believe the transition made, so Avedian responded on her Facebook page:


Watch the video report here:

What do you think about this transformation? Many people are convinced this is fake but watching this a couple of times, I am not so sure. Share your comments below and add this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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