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Traveling with an Infant This Christmas?


Anyone who has been on an airplane with a crying infant knows how annoying it is to be trapped a mile high in the air with that sound. But these parents might have made the classiest and most courteous move by handing out these gift bags with ear plugs, candy, and a note to all the passengers on board.

The note reads:

Hi Stranger!
My name is Madeline. I will be 1 on December 17th and this is my first flight. I’ll try to be on my best behavior, but I’d like to apologize in advance if I lose my cool, get scared or my ears hurt. My mom and dad packed you this goodies bag with a few treats. There are also earplugs in case my first public serenade isn’t as enjoyable to you as it is my mom and dad.
Have a great flight!

New parents, take note!