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True Charleston Activist Hears New Black Panther’s Hateful Speech and DESTROYS It With This Message!

On Tuesday afternoon, the head of the New Black Panther Party Malik Shabazz spoke to a crowd of 150 people during a news conference. He condemned those in the community who forgave the alleged shooter, Dylann Roof, and encouraged black people to “arm yourself.” He called for them not to overcome but to overrun.


Local leaders gathered together on Wednesday to denounce Shabazz’s call for violence after the shooting deaths of the nine Emanuel AME Church members.

“They are more than welcome here,” said James Johnson about the Black Lawyers for Justice president and Black Lives Matter organizers who invited Shabazz to speak Tuesday. “But take that hate home with them,” according to the Post and Courier.

I applaud Mr. Johnson for speaking out against the hatemonger and racist Shabazz. We all need to come together as one regardless of our skin color or where we were born. Today is today, there were a lot of mistakes made back in history. We are to remember them so that we do not repeat them, not so we can sow hatred. “ALL LIVES MATTER”.

Here is part of the speech by Shabazz:

People are fed up with this racism and call for more hatred. Make sure to share this stand by Charleston citizens against racial bigotry. Add your comments below.

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  1. Sabrit says:

    Just curious, Who all is this HATE MONGER going to KILL? Which “Slave Masters”? Some of the poor French descendants? who’s parents were slaughtered around St Augustine as “Huguenots”? Some Descendants of Irish who were sold by the English into the Americas PRIOR to Muslims selling Blacks? Going to kill some Semitic people who have suffered for thousands of years? How are you going to “differentiate”, who has the misfortune of ancestors who held slaves and those who were slaves themselves?? Are you now going to Kill all those other slave holders, buyers and sellers in the world today (in the Muslim nations)? Who today that is “white” is holding slaves?

  2. Jeff says:

    This man is part of the problem not the solution… They are doing they are doing their best to get more black people killed…He is trying to light a fire that everyone black and white put out a long time ago. Sir I respect you for what your beliefs are… But sir if you keep pushing for a war you may not like the outcome for your people…

  3. Larry says:

    And they said there is no reverse racism? Bigots don’t exist? Hate is the only way, you shame the name of Dr. King and he is rolling over in his grave.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Why isn’t this guy arrested for inciting murder? He’s allowed to saunter in and try to cause a war? No arrest? This country isn’t the same one I used to know for sure.

  5. Trina says:

    YOU sir are the DEVIL! YOU sir are full of hate and deceit! YOU sir are a war monger! YOU go into places and bring hate with you, all your little pion followers. For what?!? I’ll tell you for what….because you are SATAN himself. That is one City that has handled that crime the right way and here you and your minions come to try and stir up trouble. Enough blood was shed that day by the hands of one ONE idiot and you want to blame everybody for his actions. Go back into the hole that you and your followers crawled out of before you get yourself killed. I will pray for you and your minions. GOD himself has his hands on those doing the right thing. HE is protecting that City so DEVIL GO HOME!

  6. Rick says:

    Time for the new black panthers to meet the old white dog.

  7. Holly says:

    This is exactly what we do not need , Stand Up South Carolina , get rid of the racism and hatred , Fly that proud confederate flag that everyone fought under for freedom , all races together ! Let us be” The State That Bans Hate” !! We don’t need these instigators crying foul when god leads to love and forgiveness ! We have the power to show this country what being proud is really about , how to ” love thy neighbor” and how to Stand Proud” !!!