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Trump About To Land HUGE Endorsement!

Mike Huckabee is expected to dropout and endorse Donald Trump!

This week, experts are saying that Huckabee is almost certainly dropping out in the next few days, and is planning to give Donald Trump a bombshell endorsement on his way out the door.

According to The Political Insider, Trump is making an unexplained pitstop in Arkansas on Wednesday. The trip was added to Trump’s schedule at the last minute, just after Huckabee attended Trump’s veterans event that he skipped the Fox debate to hold. Trump will be headlining a rally at the Barton Coliseum in Little Rock on Wednesday afternoon, and it is there that Huckabee will likely give him his endorsement.

Over the last few weeks, Huckabee has been attacking Ted Cruz, and using his popularity with the evangelical elite to take support away from the Texas Senator. He has also been overwhelmingly supportive of Trump’s strategies to deal with illegal aliens and Islamic terrorism. Perhaps Huckabee is even gunning to possibly be Trump’s Vice President.

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