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Trump Is Baaack! Watch The GOP Deliver His Best Leadership Line Of The Campaign Season!

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GOP frontrunner Donald Trump came out of nowhere, defied all media and political establishment pundits who were claiming all of this was just summer of Trump. He’s spent the least amount of money in campaign ads, (Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio poured millions in ads, HUGE ground game operations and lots of time in Iowa and only got less than 30% of the votes) took on DC media by the horn and almost eked out s victory in a socially conservative heavily Christian state!

Imagine what he can do in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada and if elected in general against Democrtas!

“If we are attacked, somebody attacks us, wouldn’t you rather have Trump as president if we’re attacked?” Trump said. “Oh, we’ll beat the sh*t out of them.”

“And speaking of potential — because he hates Obama so much — Putin, he said ‘Donald Trump is a genius,’ and he’s the real leader over in that country,” Trump said.

“I’m not disavowing that he called me genius, are you crazy? Don’t worry, I can’t be seduced,” he added.

Trump urged better relations with Russia.

“But wouldn’t it be nice… if we actually got along with Russia and others, and we can use them to knock out ISIS with us so that maybe we don’t always have to pay for it… Knock the hell out of them, but let them drop some of their bombs that cost $1 million apiece. Let them use some of their weapons that cost billions of dollars,” Trump said.

“Let them beat the sh*t out of ISIS also, right? Right?” he added.

Watch Trump go for it (NOTE: Graphic language)

Trump a true American Patriot!! The only person running that cares about this country. He has the most to lose. All the others just want power so they can become rich. Is their only way to great amount of wealth. They have nothing else to offer in order to be wealthy.

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