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Blue Collar Billionaire – Trump Works at His OWN Hotel!


Donald Trump may be the only populist with a butler in the world. Despite his massive wealth, money hardly became a subject of attack against him this past election like it did for Mitt Romney (who has a net worth of $300 million – which is pennies on the dollar compared to Trump’s billions). Still, there’s something about him that gives him a blue collar image.

Many years ago, he even took a day to work with his own employees at Trump Tower. He’s humble and full of appreciation for the hard work these people do… and you also get to see just how funny Donald Trump in his comments.

I sure as heck don’t imagine Obama doing something like this (then again, he could NEVER run a business!)

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Comments on “Blue Collar Billionaire – Trump Works at His OWN Hotel!”

  1. Dawn says:

    I bet he has never done these jobs and I respect him for attempting the jobs of us minions.