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Trump Campaign Threatened With MAJOR Lawsuit!

The controversy surrounding Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski dates back to last month, when he allegedly pulled now-former-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields to the ground. The Washington Post broke the story on the incident.

Video evidence from two angles later appeared to exonerate Lewandowski. He grabbed Michelle Fields arm while walking by her, but nothing happened the way Fields described. Fields didn’t even appear phased herself in the video.

Still, she pressed charges against Lewandowski, and he was recently indicted, but stated that he was confident he would be cleared of those charges.

And he was right to remain calm.

A Florida prosecutor has decided not to prosecute Donald Trump’s campaign manager for battery after a March run-in with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, sources with knowledge of the situation told POLITICO.

The decision not to press charges against Corey Lewandowski is scheduled to be announced on Thursday afternoon by Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg.


Fields may still pursue a defamation case against Lewandowski, a source said. (authors note: This is a bit bizarre – you’d think he would be suing HER for defamation!)

Fields filed a police report last month after Lewandowski grabbed her by the arm and moved her out of Trump’s way following a press conference at Trump National Gold Club in Jupiter. She said he left bruises on her arm. Police later charged Lewandowski with simple battery, releasing video from surveillance cameras that shows Lewandowski reaching for and grabbing Fields.

Aronberg would not comment, but in a POLITICO interview last week, he pointed out that Jupiter police had a low “probable cause” standard to cite Lewandowski for battery. But the responsibility for moving forward with a full-blown prosecution rested with Aronberg’s office, which had to consider whether a crime occurred and whether they believed a jury of Floridians would prosecute.

Despite Lewandowski being cleared of all charges, Fields intends to pursue civil action against Trump and his campaign manager for defamation.

From The Blaze:

Ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields said Wednesday night that she plans to pursue civil action against Donald Trump and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski over an incident that occurred last month.

Fields told TheBlaze that she is looking into bringing legal action against both Trump and Lewandowski for defamation of her character.

Just hours before, sources told multiple media outlets that a Florida prosecutor had decided not to prosecute Lewandowski. Fields had alleged that Lewandowski committed simple battery against her when he grabbed her arm at a March press conference.

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign was not immediately available for comment.

Throughout the incident, Trump has firmly stood by Lewandowski. Both have characterized Fields as a possible liar. Lewandowski called her “delusional” and Trump went as far as to question whether the bruises on her arm were even from the incident.

Fields, along with several of her colleagues, left Breitbart as a result of the incident. She has since received numerous death threats, prompting her to abandon her apartment. One of the threats, which TheBlaze obtained audio of, is being investigated by the authorities.



H/T Politico 

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