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Trump Destroys “Maniac, Communist” Bernie Sanders (Hilarious Video!)

Bernie Sanders

At a campaign rally in Virginia, Donald Trump lambasted Bernie Sanders, the Democrat senator from Vermont running for President, saying he was a “maniac” and a “communist” who will “tax you people at 90 percent.”

Trump told the crowd that he had watched the Democrat debate, and felt sorry for Hillary Clinton trying to keep up with the uber-socialist senator by promising to give everything away for free.

Via Fox News Insider:

“I watched Hillary last night with, ‘we’re gonna give this, we’re gonna give that, we’re gonna give that.’ The poor woman. She’s gotta give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right was giving everything away, so she’s following! That’s what’s happening,” he said.

Trump went on to refer to Sanders as a “socialist-slash-communist,” adding that nobody wants to use the word “communist” to describe Sanders.

“He’s gonna tax you people at 90 percent; he’s gonna take everything. And nobody’s heard the term ‘communist.’ I call him a socialist-slash-communist because that’s what he is.”

Watch Trump’s comments below …

A report back in May shows Sanders did indeed want a 90% tax rate for the wealthiest Americans.

When asked if he thought a 90% tax rate was too high, Sanders responded flatly, “No.”

“What I think is obscene, and what frightens me is, again, when you have the top one-tenth of one percent owning almost as much wealth as the bottom 90.”

If it looks like a communist and acts like a communist, then …

Comment:  Is Trump’s description of Bernie Sanders accurate?

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Comments on “Trump Destroys “Maniac, Communist” Bernie Sanders (Hilarious Video!)”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Bernie Sanders has openly admitted he is an avowed Socialist but has avoided the word Communist. Pay attention. He is a Socialist/Communist. What he preaches is right out of the Socialist/Communist play book.