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Trump Draws Line In Sand About Hillary’s Corrupt Fundraising!

Trump fundraising

Hillary Clinton has a huge money advantage over Donald Trump, and she’s spending it like a wild banshee. The media is trying to create a narrative that nobody likes Trump enough to send him money. They are banking on making Trump the most unlikeable, unelectable candidate to satisfy their feelings and agenda but Trump is fighting back.

Trump knows Hillary is being bankrolled by overseas interests, and he’s going to spread that information around early and often. Remember, the media’s agenda is not to help Trump; it’s to destroy Republicans. Anywhere they can drive a wedge in between the party heads; they will do it.

Trump doesn’t want Wall Street money; he wants to be the candidate of the people, and he will fight for the people come hell or high water. Every time you hear the media tell you how much money Hillary is spending, remember she’s using foreign donations.

From Newsmax:

Hillary Clinton will spend “a billion dollars of Wall Street money and money from the Middle East” on her campaign, Donald Trump said Tuesday, but he doesn’t want to do that.

“We want to keep it lean,” the presumptive GOP nominee told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program. “I’m not looking to spend all this money. I hear people spend a billion dollars. How do you spend a billion dollars? It’s impossible. Politicians are the only ones who can spend a billion dollars.”

And Clinton, he said, has “a lot of money from the Middle East. She’s got money from people you don’t want her to have money from, but she’ll spend more than a billion dollars. I don’t want to do that.

“In New Hampshire and other states I spent a tiny fraction of what other people spent and I won in a landslide. I like that much better.”

According to new reports, Clinton cut back in May on her campaign spending and has built up a stockpile of $42 million in cash for her general election fight, and she has already used $23.3 million of it to fund ads against Trump in eight key swing states where Trump has yet to have a TV presence. Meanwhile, the reports said, Trump’s campaign has less than $2 million.

Trump told Fox News Tuesday that he spent $55 million of his own money in the primary elections, and bought very little advertising.

“I did a lot of work, I worked very hard and we did have those rallies — those rallies were amazing, they were the most attended rallies, far bigger than Bernie Sanders’ rallies and he was second,” said Trump.

When you really think about it, Trump, unlike all those other candidates, is not a part of the establishment, and he can’t be bought. You see, campaign funds are an investment for the “donor.” If they know that they can’t buy Trump, then they won’t invest as they will get no return on their investment. Besides, if Trump wanted to, he could write himself a check and surpass those numbers. But, why bother? After all, if he is getting the polling numbers that he is getting without the need for the elite’s money, then why does he need their dirty money?

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