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50 Establishment Republicans Attack Trump But His Response Is BRILLIANT!

Trump foreign policy

I don’t remember the GOP establishment drafting up a letter to Barack Obama like they just did Donald Trump.

So let me get this straight, for the last four years, the GOP has been telling us Obama is scary, and we need to stop him, now we are at the time when you would think they would back ANYONE, and they now back Clinton? America, there is no two party system, its one big party with two wings.

Every rational person must understand, none of this matters to his supporters. No matter how horrific he seems to us, his cult will continue to follow him, and they will be voting in November! Will you be voting?

From The Hill:

A group of 50 top Republican national security officials on Monday penned a letter warning that Donald Trump doesn’t have the experience to serve as president and would jeopardize the country’s safety, according to The New York Times.

The letter, signed by aides and Cabinet members of past GOP administrations including George W. Bush’s and Richard Nixon’s, declared that none of the officials will vote for the GOP nominee because they “are convinced that he would be a dangerous president and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.“Mr. Trump lacks the character, values, and experience to be President,” the letter says. “He weakens U.S. moral authority as the leader of the free world.”

“He appears to lack basic knowledge about the belief in the U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws, and U.S. institutions, including religious tolerance, freedom of the press, and an independent judiciary.”

Some of the prominent officials include Michael Hayden, former director of both the CIA and National Security Agency; Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security for Bush and President Obama; John Negroponte, former director of national intelligence under Bush; Tom Ridge, former Homeland Security director under Bush as well as former governor of the battleground state of Pennsylvania; as well as others who have served as trade representatives, national security advisers and ambassadors.

It also just goes to show that the word of the American people mean absolutely nothing to these politicians and nobody is listening to us. No one is hearing us but one person is looking, one person is hearing us, and that is God. We are founded as one nation under God who made the god of the Heavens reach down and begin to judge the division and the corruption that you people are trying to bring on the American people.

Trump responded brilliantly by noting “They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it’s time they are held accountable for their actions.”

What do you think of these politicians? They don’t get it, and they are showing that they never will. Don’t you agree its time to send them all packing? Share your voice below and let us know what you are thinking in our comment section below. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.