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Donald Trump Got Great News After The Presidential Debate, Hillary Is Panicking!

trump fundraising

One thing Donald Trump knows how to do is raise money, and lots of it. Trump’s message is resonating, and his presidential debate performance helped solidify that the American people want to help this businessman reach the White House.

Trump raised $13 million dollars according to this tweet he publicly flaunted after the debate on Monday night. It’s barely more than 24 hours after the debate, which makes that number enormously hefty, or like a former radio show host of mine said, “that’s a lot of cheese.”

From The Hill:

Donald Trump announced Tuesday that his campaign had raised more than $13 million since his debate the previous evening with Hillary Clinton.

The donations to the GOP presidential nominee’s campaign were made online, and after top fundraisers had pushed for new donations on Tuesday, he tweeted.

Trump had the fundraising effort scheduled for the day after the first of three debates against Clinton. The Monday debate shattered records, with more than 80 million people watching, according to Nielsen research.

Trump has recently pledged to match donations to his campaign up to $2 million. In a fundraising email sent Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. indicated his father would match donations up to that amount ahead of a Friday financial disclosure deadline.

The businessman is making a pitch attract the support of more Republicans as he enters the final weeks of campaigning before November.

Trump trails Clinton in fundraising. His campaign reported raising $90 million in August for his campaign and two joint GOP fundraising committees, compared to $143 million for Clinton and her allies.

Hillary supporters are like Christmas lights, they are all strung together, and half of them don’t work, and the other half that does isn’t very bright.  Hillary talks down to the people as if to say; you believed me before on these lies so that you will trust me again.

The pundits say Trump lost, the people say he won, that’s why they gave so much money in such a little time. I support Trump in a huge way, and I am here to tell you don’t be surprised if he mops the floor with Hillary in November.

Do you think this massive amount of money raised for Trump within 24 hours after the presidential debate signify a shift in support? Share your voices below in the comment section and let me know what you think.

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  1. no says:

    This isn’t a battle between left and right any longer. This is a battle between the globalist 1%ers who infest both parties, their financial ties that are more important to them than any appeal to patriotism or America, and the vast majority of Americans who are being laid low by globalism. They want their rape of America and it’s citizens to continue through open borders that drive wages down, prices up and the continuation of shipping businesses and jobs overseas in order to get that last penny in profit while they literally gut this country and it’s people. They own the MSM and will stop at nothing. That is the explanation for the never Trump GOP elites, the MSM and the corrupt DNC agreeing on electing corrupt hillary, laid bare.

  2. David says:

    there are two [2] universes at work; “we the people” know how to stop America’s decline**** Trump 2016 OR the ideological robots with NO ABILITY to think for themselves stumbling to the polls and pulling the big “D”, WHICH IS AN acronym for destruction of America;; a message to fence sitting [faux-intellectual] libertarians and independents;; GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOU ACE and stop thinking you are smarter than anyone else; your real problem is you CAN NOT MAKE DECISIONS.