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Trump Is So Confident, He Did Something AMAZING Before Super Tuesday!

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The legend of Babe Ruth included him pointing to the stands where he would hit a homerun for a young kid who was hospitalized. The story has changed over the years, but the tale remains.

Well GOP front-runner Donald Trump did something similar during his rally in Hagerstown on Sunday.

Trump should win all five contests on this Tuesday. Even if that happens, Cruz and his henchmen will be busy snatching up delegates at state conventions.

It is a rigged process for the most part, and Cruz certainly has been clever in using this process. Cruz just reinforces the charge that he’s just another establishment politician, Trump is playing him like a violin, old Ted has to defend a corrupt and rigged process, and gets in the same boat with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Trump was at a rally in Hagerstown, MD this weekend and he made a bold prediction that will most likely come true if the polls hold up. If Trump takes all five states this coming Tuesday, it will be the 2nd time this election cycle Trump would have shut out Cruz on a multiple state voting night.

From The Hill:

“So let’s say we win five, we win all five states, we pick up a lot.”

He said he expects to get to the 1,237 required delegates needed to secure the nomination ahead of the Republican convention and will add to his delegate count on Tuesday.

He is winning by millions and millions of votes, he said, while also calling the system unfair.

In the five states that vote on Tuesday — Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island — Trump has a double-digit lead, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls.

In Maryland, he has a 14.7 point lead over rival John Kasich. Trump had 41 percent support, followed by Kasich with 26.3 percent and Ted Cruz with 24.5 percent.

Trump has been able to get out in front and brand his opponents negatively before they get off the ground. This has hurt each and every candidate including Cruz. Cruz has seen a significant dip in the polls lately, and I am beginning to think the “lyin’Ted” nickname will stick with him forever.

I continue to think that if Trump finishes way ahead of the second place candidate, as seems very likely at this point, it will be tough to deny him the nomination even if he falls a bit short of a majority of pledged delegates. That’s when these abstractions will start to confront the reality of what exactly it would mean to try to nominate someone else, and I think the Party would likely recognize that rallying behind Trump was their least-bad option.

Do you think Trump will win all five states on Primary Day this Tuesday? Share your thoughts below and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to add this to your Facebook and Twitter account.

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