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On Eve Of NY Primary, Trump Issues HARSH Warning To GOP!

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The #NeverTrump crowd is feeling their oats these days as they use the State GOP apparatus in one state after another to stack the delegates against Donald Trump. In some states, there is no voting by GOP voters at large.

It’s strictly the insiders – the state party leaders who gather and select the delegates among themselves. In other states, despite a primary where Trump has won more votes than Ted Cruz, Cruz’s people are using the system to get more delegates despite having lost the state.

On Saturday, the GOP front-runner while in Syracuse, New York began to put into words the message that could resonate going forward. He cast his campaign as a fight against the corrupt establishment and vowed to change the corrupt party system if he becomes the GOP nominee.

From The New York Times:

“The Republican National Committee, they’d better get going, because I’ll tell you what, you’re going to have a rough July at that convention,” Mr. Trump said.

“You’d better get going, and you’d better straighten out the system because the people want their vote,” he told the crowd in Syracuse. “The people want their vote, and they want to be represented properly.”

He said to his rally crowd that despite the efforts of the GOP apparatus, “we’re going to win” – pointing at the crowd. Going forward, Trump would be wise to continue this theme, among others, urging people to support him to defeat the corrupt political system that is controlling both parties.

This year has been a huge civics lesson for our nation. Up until now, most of us were under the illusion that we live in a democracy. We don’t.

Delegates should be eliminated from the electoral process. They take the votes of Americans away and are replacing them with political advocates’ desires.

Trump is dead right. The rules in several states are apparently set up to allow the party apparatus to ignore the voters. The fact that “those are the rules” is not the same as saying those rules are fair, sane or appropriate. We desperately need a third party.

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