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Trump Just Announced Possible Cabinet Members That Will Make Liberals Cringe


Donald Trump has been making the rounds in numerous interviews the last few weeks, never relenting on his calls to make America great again. Most recently, he’s been discussing who he would have fill his Cabinet should he be elected. His choices will make liberals and their cohorts in the media go absolutely insane.

How’s this for a couple of names – Sarah Palin and Trey Gowdy.

Trump went on a show called The Palin Update, and said Sarah Palin is a “special person” and “everybody loves her.”

He added that people “like the Sarah Palin kind of strength, you just don’t see very much of it anymore.”

When asked if he’d consider her as a part of his administration, Trump said “I’d love that.”

Listen to Trump’s comments (H/T: Gateway Pundit):

The good news didn’t stop there.

Trump turned to social media and announced that he would have Trey Gowdy fill the role of Attorney General should he be elected President. He also warned that with the people he plans to have in his administration, the Democrat candidates “had better get the ‘B Team’ off the bench.”

Perhaps JV team would have been a better term that Democrats could easily understand.

President Trump, and an administration with Sarah Palin and Trey Gowdy would most certainly make America great again.

Do you think Sarah Palin and Trey Gowdy would be good for America under a President Trump? 



  1. haiku says:

    Slick Hillary ~

    Just follow her trail
    What difference does it make?
    Too corrupt for jail

  2. Jerry says:

    Love the choices, would like to see Allen West there also.

  3. Robert says:

    This reporter has it all wrong. Here is the latest list of Trump cabinet picks. http://moronmajority.com/confident-trump-lining-up-cabinet/

  4. Sally says:

    I have been waiting for his thoughts on who he would trust and hire. Meeeee Tooooo Mr. President. Mee too. I love these two choices already. Cruz for VP may be helpful also.

  5. Ted says:

    great choices but i saw that coming–donald is true to form and will do all he says he’ll do from day one–if i could ask him a question mine would be—how will you handle the situation as you uncover or verify corruption of the last and previous administrations–you donald know who can be bought, you also know the crooks once inside you’ll find more–will you “pussy foot around them” or will you expose them for the traitors that they are ?? Now, we need a constitutionalst like CRUZ in the VP position for guidance and truly make our country great again using the constitution as the basis for all things as it was intended to be used–GO TRUMP

  6. Mary says:

    Obama might have shed a wee bit of hope when he was first running for president. This time, with Trump naming good people as possible cabinet members and his views on avoiding be nothing but political correct, there is real hope. I doubt there is anyone running that might be able to stand up with such strong views on any issue.

  7. Caleb says:

    I’m still waiting for your response on why you say Trump is dirrty , Marsha

  8. Sylvia says:

    I really hope he will elect a great administration without a lot of muslims like Obama has. Obama has the worst people in the world working for him. Reid, Holder, Pelosi, Jarrett and all of the head of the administrations who are having scandal, after scandal. Palin and Gowdy are awesome.

  9. Donald says:

    I could see all this make a definite change and total transformation to what we have in our Government today. Let’s just say these people would definitely chew up and spit out all the crooks we now have in D.C.

  10. Marsha says:

    I doubt Gowdy would even consider such a thing under the ignorant buffoon Trump. Trump is dirty. Gowdy would not let that slide.

    1. Sylvia says:

      Marsha: For the life of me I cannot decipher why you would call Donald dirty? In what way is he dirty? He is the most up front person running for President, so you cannot say he has hid or lied about anything. He is not like Bush who has never had an original idea since he inception. He just does what his daddy or his brother did, no thought to originality and I would say he is dirty for running for an office he is not qualified for. So give. What has Trump done to make you say he is dirty?

    2. Edward says:

      Marsha, you must have your menses….I can’t imagine a person in a normal state of mind would post such nonsense as you did. Look in the mirror…are you dirty–is Hillary, Obama, the government? WAKE UP

  11. William says:

    Of course those are two to appoint, I could name others for Donald if he needs help….I am one pissed off Rep with the current leadership in the House and Senate…
    allan allen

  12. Richard says:

    Trump will win the popular vote from the people but the RNC will not allow him to be the candidate for them. Somehow, someone else will win the primary’s and the nomination. It will be rigged against him.

  13. Robert says:

    Trump is obviously a narcissistic sociopath who attracts other sociopaths.

  14. Frank says:

    Trump is doing everything right. I like his 2 picks. I hope he picks his entire cabinet before the election then we would really know what we are voting for. Donald Trump is breath of fresh air. There is hope after all. Wake up America!

  15. Charlotte says:

    I like Trump’s pick . Sara and Gowdy will help him get America back on track

  16. Albert says:

    they would when he is prez. and fix as many problems we have trump should investigate THE LABORERS INTERNALTIONAL UNION OF NORTH AMERICA .local 652 from santa ana black ball me for 2 years and the business manager who is now the business manager of the district council laugh about it and he admit he did that to me. Rocco Davis from liuna did not do anything about it .I call the rep. all they do is hang up the phone.

  17. Anna says:

    Go Donald Go… Sarah Palin is great and so is Trey Gowdy… I like Col. West and TED CRUZ!!!

  18. Michael says:

    Do not have much of an opinion yet about Trump, but Trey Gowdy as Attorney General (without a leash!) would be HEAVEN! Bring out the guillotines!

  19. David says:

    Trey should be running for President

  20. Bob says:

    Both good solid Americans.

  21. Rick says:

    Trey Gowdey for sure! Palin….meh