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Trump Just Got A SHOCKING Endorsement From Former Protester!

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Liberals are dumbfounded by a minority who doesn’t vote Democrat. Their racism shows yet again by assuming all minorities just mindlessly vote Democrat and wait for their handouts. Muslims happen to be conservative so why is it so ridiculous that they would vote for the party that is not shoving homosexuals in everyone’s face?

This Muslim-American who once protested the GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump has made a significant change to what she believes now. Now, she’s championing and campaigning for him. Liberals heads are going to explode when they really listen to why the change (in the audio below) but she is genuine and I am sure she will be welcomed on board the Trump Train.

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From BizPacReview:

Six months ago, Muslim-American Saba Ahmed was protesting Donald Trump’s rhetoric; today she’s singing his praises and urging fellow Muslims to do the same. Ahmed, founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, is making like an itinerant evangelist, preaching the gospel of the GOP.

As a result, NBC made her the subject of its video and podcast series, “The Trail Tapes,” which focuses on unusual presidential campaign stories.

Her support for Trump represents an about-face for her.

She said that many Muslims turned to the Democratic Party after 9/11. “Instead of abandoning the Republican Party, the [Muslim] community should have educated and become more involved with the Republican Party.”

Of Trump, she said, “In the long term, I don’t think he will want to alienate our community.”

“This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and we’re all proud Americans,” she concluded, before using Trump’s campaign slogan. “So hopefully we can make this country great again.”

Listen to the audio here:

Huge turnaround huh? Liberals assume that everyone with brown skin is incapable of thinking for him/herself, and requires their condescending lordship. Muslim values like entrepreneurship, saving money, and cultural conservativism is very consistent with the GOP.

I am sick and tired of all the leftists saying Republicans are racist. Just because we do not agree with your stance we are not racists. Liberal policies are the reason for high incarceration of African Americans, everyone knows this. Liberal policies help illegals stay in this country that are taking jobs away from African Americans and other minorities.

Liberals are racists for not helping the advancement of African American communities. And I will stand by that statement without wavering.

If non-radical Muslims in America care about their own future, they would support Trump. If they support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders who will allow every Muslim into this country including the very bad ones, it will be bad for all of them. For the simple reason if you live in a country that is out of control you will be part of something just like what you tried to escape from.

What do you think about this endorsement from this Muslim-American? Did you learn something you didn’t know before you watch the video? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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