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Trump Just SHUT DOWN His Rivals With These FOUR WORDS!


God Bless the Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, Patriots. Thank You!

Every week we learn where Donald Trump can win and where Sen. Ted Cruz can’t even finish second to him. Gov. John Kasich has only won Ohio and now is dominating Ted. Cruz is getting pounded everywhere people vote. The RINO hacks need to call this one for Trump. The RNC has to stop the lunacy.

With the results of the primaries last night in the states I just mentioned, Trump had a message he delivered to his rivals that left no doubt he was in charge and ready to close this election season out.

From The Hill:

Republican Donald Trump on Tuesday called on rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich to drop out of the presidential race after he swept to victory in five mid-Atlantic primaries.

They should drop out, because frankly they have no path to victory,” Trump said at the TIME 100 gala on Tuesday night, shortly before he was projected to win all five of Tuesday’s contests.

Trump said he has mounted a “tremendously successful campaign” that has beaten “governors, senators, people of great talent and great intellect.”

“We started off with 17 people, all very prominent, mostly senators and governors, and now we’re really way ahead of a couple left and it shouldn’t even be a couple,” Trump said, before calling on both of his competitors to drop out.

“We’re doing really well, it’s been a great campaign.”

Am I the only one thinking Cruz is staying in because that donor war chest still needs to be raided by Cruz and his cronies? I can hear Jeff Roe saying.. stay in it Ted through the convention. I am with you until the end or until the donor money dries up… whichever comes first.

Cruz is only out for his unbridled ambition. His attitude lately is “to hell with the voters and the will of the people.” That’s the same attitude that has almost destroyed this country.

Cruz supporters need to look in a mirror and see if that is what YOU are all about.

We should be gearing up for general election mode right now. At this point, Cruz is helping to elect Hillary, and that is the most Un-Conservative, Un-American thing a person can do.

Do you think Cruz or Kasich will drop out of the race now or will they go to the GOP convention as spoilers? Share your comments below and let us know what you’re thinking.

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