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Trump Loses MAJOR Delegate For This SHOCKING Reason!

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According to The Guardian, Guy St Onge, currently, a Pastor who lived life “full of drugs, motorcycles, gangs and cops and more”, according to his Facebook profile, was a California delegate for Donald Trump. We mentioned “was” as he just removed himself from that position.

St Onge delivers a very passionately speech that some would call hateful and angry on his Facebook page. He can talk about the love of Jesus Christ in one post and switch to posting memes that condone killing Muslims. One of his main controversial statements was how Obama and Michelle hate America.

It seems he didn’t want to destroy Trump’s chances of winning the state or bring any more controversy to the candidate so he “took one for the team.”

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From The Guardian:

Guy St Onge, who proselytizes frequently on YouTube, told the Guardian he was no longer a delegate for the presumptive Republican nominee. Onge has in the past shared social media postings appearing to advocate the killing of Muslims and last year claimed: “Barack Hussein Obama and his tranny wife Michelle hates the U.S.A.!

St Onge, who is listed on the California secretary of state’s official list as one of three delegates pledged to Trump from California’s 35th congressional district, declined to say precisely when he stood down. The list was formally submitted by the Trump campaign on Monday night.

However St Onge informed the Guardian of his decision to relinquish his delegate spot hours after reporters contacted the Trump campaign asking for confirmation the controversial pastor was among a colorful list of delegates, some of whom have a controversial past.

On Tuesday, the Trump campaign was forced to distance itself from another one of their delegates, self-avowed white nationalist William Daniel Johnson, who once called for a constitutional amendment which would revoke citizenship for all non-white Americans.

It is unclear if either St Onge or Johnson can be formally removed from Trump’s delegate list. California’s secretary of state said that the Trump campaign had attempted to send a revised delegate list on Tuesday, the day that news broke about Johnson’s inclusion. However because they had missed the deadline, the secretary of state decided the initial list must stand.

Trump just removed a White nationalist who got by on a database error issue. Watch the report here:

It’s a good thing Trump is catching these way ahead of the final tally. The news media folks have lost a lot of ratings once Trump became the only one standing so they are jumping on anything that can generate attention with their typical “shock jock” reporting…be smarter and wake up people no matter left or right.

Do you think this man should have kept quiet and stayed on as a delegate or was he right for stepping down? Share your comments below.

H/T The Guardian

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