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Here’s a reminder of just how WRONG the media has been about Trump


Has there been a single time the “experts” were right this election cycle when it came to Donald Trump?

From the beginning, the statistics blog Five Thirty Eight (which is known for accuracy) put a mere 2 percent probability of Trump winning the Republican nomination. When Ann Coulter told Bill Maher that Donald Trump had the greatest chance of winning the Republican nomination on his show, the crowd burst into laughter.

Well, they’re not laughing now.

In fact, every step of the way we were constantly informed that despite Trump’s gradual rise, it didn’t mean anything. A headline on the satirical website “The Onion” captured the media’s inaccuracy in an op-ed published back in December titled “This Will Be The End of Trump’s Campaign, Says Increasingly Nervous Man For Seventh Time This Year.”

Well, below is a reminder of just how wrong the media has been every step of the way – and what else they’ll be wrong about.


The person behind the above image only forgot one thing: making Mexico pay for the wall.

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