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Trump’s Homerun In Mexico Was Just Endorsed By TOP Democrat!

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GOP Nominee Donald Trump’s meeting with the President of Mexico was a huge homerun and very impressive! Hillary Clinton is stuck in the dugout and according to Wikileaks she will only meet with world leaders IF they donate to the Clinton Foundation!

Trump proved capable of having a respectful, productive meeting and substantive, statesmanlike press conference with a foreign leader who once implied he was a fascist dictator. Meanwhile Clinton — who continues to imply that Trump is something akin to a fascist dictator — is on day 270 without any press conference at all.

We must remember that by electing Hillary for president, we are telling the rest of the world that we, the citizens of the United States, support lying, cheating, treason, terrorism, and war. Is this really the message we want to send? How about, peace, honesty, and fair play for all people?

This is the time of Trump, Donald Trump.

From The Hill:

A former spokesman for Hillary Clinton on Wednesday offered praise to Donald Trump for his speech in Mexico alongside Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Howard Wolfson, who worked as Clinton’s communications director in 2008, tweeted following the joint press conference that Trump’s address was a “home run.”

During his address on Wednesday, Trump read from prepared remarks and thanked Peña Nieto for the “great honor” of inviting him to come to the country, calling the Mexican president his “friend.”Trump also heaped praised on the Mexican people, calling them “spectacular, hard-working people.” The GOP presidential nominee vowed to work with Peña Nieto to tackle the issue of illegal immigration.

Trump announced his trip late Tuesday night, and arrived in Mexico for the private meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

The businessman has spent much of the last year blasting the country, calling illegal immigration dangerous to the U.S. and touting his plan for a border wall, insisting that Mexico would pay for it.

It was a grand slam. Trump got their president to treat him like he will become the next president. That is very powerful imagery.

It’s just killing Democrats that Trump didn’t confront Mexico on the wall payment so they can have something to talk about. So funny.

What did you think of Trump’s speech alongside Mexico’s president? Do you think he was presidential? Do you think he can handle the role of our leader Share your voices below in the comment section and give us your breakdown of what you witnessed.