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Top Black Columnist Just Gave Trump The Boost He Needs With Minorities!

Trump minority outreach

The liberal media loves to minimize African American conservatives, especially those who have the courage to come out and voice their support for Donald Trump. Well, one prominent black columnist, Ada Fisher, just wrote the most powerful piece in defense of Trump, and may be the boost he needs within the African American community.

The media has taken Trump to the woodshed many times and tried to beat him to a pulp. They have attacked his reputation, his family, his business, cast him as an leper, even though many have gone to him asking him for money on many occasions.

Meanwhile Trump keeps working hard, reaching out to minorities like no other Republican candidate has in years, hell….generations.

As each day of the current election season passes, we see the GOP nominee Donald Trump emerging as an increasingly stronger candidate for the U.S. presidency, in spite of all the effort being expended to dump him.

Here’s a portion of the powerful column from Ms. Fisher.

From Newsmax:

In my 50-plus years of voting, I have never seen a politician take it to the black community and tell us what we needed to hear rather than what they think will get them our votes.

The most honest political statement made to the black community was made by Donald J. Trump in asking “What in the hell have you got to lose?”

Though the harsh edges did burn, the reality is that too many black communities are represented by Democrats who haven’t moved the dial on poverty rates, crime, jobs, educational success, entitlement increases, or other parameters which would point to a healthy economic environment and an increase in self-sufficiency.

Where are our black businesses?

The many attempts to paint Trump as racist just lack credibility.

Trump has worked to include blacks into corporate America as witnessed by his upper management staff of African-Americans and women. He has been an opponent of the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade deals which ship jobs out of this nation and disproportionately affects minority communities.

The most racist, sexist, and ethnically biased candidate is Hillary Clinton and her husband in chief, Bill Clinton.

During her presidential campaigns against Barack Obama the coated racism was evident and apparent for anyone with good hearing and visual support. She stated repeatedly her then only mantra being Obama didn’t have the experience and inferred connections to be president of the United States.

Obama stated Hillary wasn’t qualified to be president of the U.S.

I take them both at their words on that.

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Trump is not a politician, that’s why you can trust him to tell it exactly like it is and to get the job done the right way. Our current government, run by crooked politicians, has failed America.

Liberals are blowing a gasket over this. Donald shows up in minority communities and is there to learn and to listen. Hillary Clinton shows lack of concern for what is happening in this country. Don’t hate. Appreciate

What do you think of this writer? Do you think she crafted a work of art with this piece? Share your opinions below and let me know what you think.