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BOOM! Trump Organization Now the 50th Biggest Private Business in America

Anyone who’s checked their 401(k) balance has discovered the stock market has been on a tear since Donald Trump took office. And it’s hardly just the market that’s taken off in anticipation of Trump’s policies; the “real” economy has taken off as well. We learned recently that the economy gained 235,000 jobs in February – as opposed to the 190,000 that were expected.

Among those thriving? A business that Donald Trump no longer overseas the operations of.

Trump Organization — is now one of America’s top 50 private businesses.

Trump Organization is ranked 48th on a list of the largest private companies in the U.S., according to PrivCo, a research firm that estimates the size of privately held firms. That is a big boost from last year, when Trump Organization was listed as #62.

The president-elect’s company employs 22,450 people and made $9.5 billion in revenues last year, PrivCo. says.

It means Trump Organization is bigger than well-known private companies such as Major League Baseball, McKinsey & Co. and Bloomberg LP, the company founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to PrivCo data.

H/T CNN Money

And thanks to Rachel Maddow, we now know that the company is also paying millions in taxes to boot.

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