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Did You See These New Poll Numbers? There’s No Way Hillary Leads Trump On This!

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We have a corrupt government from top to bottom and Democrats want to elect the only person ever to run who is under INVESTIGATION by the FBI. Are you people nuts or what?

How quickly America forgets the past. Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State when the Benghazi attack occurred. I guess it’s because most Americans don’t know what the Secretary of State does, I’ll clue you in. She would have been sitting on the right-hand side of Obama in the Situation Room as it all went down, watching as American soldiers were killed or possibly pushing Obama not to send in back up. Yep, she knows how to handle terrorism just as well as Obama, TERRIBLY.

From Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton not only has an electoral edge in a new CBS News poll, but she’s also beating Republican rival Donald Trump on two of his signature issues – terrorism and immigration.

The survey found that on handling terrorism, 50 percent of voters believed Clinton would get things done, while 43 percent thought Trump would be the top candidate.

On immigration, 51 percent of voters said they believed Clinton would do a better job, compared to 43 percent who said Trump.

Clinton holds a more narrow advantage on the question of who would do better on gun policy. Here Clinton has 46 percent support, to Trump’s 45 percent, within the poll’s 3 percent margin of error.

The candidates are tied – 47 percent each – on the issue of the economy. As for who would win in the general election right now, Clinton has the lead. She has 43 percent of the vote, compared to Trump’s 37 percent.

When former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party hopeful Gary Johnson’s name is added to the choices, he garners 11 percent of the vote and Clinton still wins.

She retains 39 percent support, while Trump gets 32 percent – again giving the former secretary of state an edge of 7 points.

A majority of voters also believe that Clinton will be the winner come November, though once respondents are divvied up down partisan lines, it’s predominantly Democrats who hold this view.

Overall, 51 percent of registered voters surveyed said they believed Clinton would be the 45th president of the United States, while 35 percent believed Trump would be hired.

Are they kidding? Hillary has pledged to keep going with Obama’s ineffective strategies. Trump will be tough on terrorism, that is certain even if you don’t like him.

You can keep deceiving yourselves with fake poll after fake poll; Brexit polls showed overwhelmingly Brits gravitate toward remaining in the European Union, but the result proves the opposite. Americans won’t vote in a crooked old lady called Hillary.

Hillary blew it in Benghazi, but CNN and the liberal media continue to cover up for her. She told her daughter it was a terrorist attack while telling us it was a protest over a video. CNN has never reported that.

Do you believe Hillary is ahead of Trump on terrorism? Can you believe the polls they put out today? Share your opinions below in the comment section and share this on your Facebook and Twitter page.