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Liberal Media Calls Trump Racist But Here’s Who Hispanics REALLY Support!

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For over a year, the Democratic Party and their friends in the liberal media have repeatedly called Donald Trump a racist and a bigot!

Well, new national polling just released just flipped that faulty narrative on its head, as Trump is now surging among African American and Hispanic voters! Will the media report this?

From Breitbart:

Donald Trump is favored by one-in-four African Americans and one-in-three Latinos, according to a poll conducted by the Boston Herald and Franklin Pierce University.

The poll showed that Trump has a very favorable rating among among 18.4 percent of 105 Hispanics, and 10.5 percent of 101 African Americans. He also scored a “somewhat favorable” rating among 16.4 percent of Hispanics and 13.3 percent of African Americans. Combined, he gets a positive rating from 35 percent of Hispanics and 24 percent of African Americans.

That’s apparently better than Gov. Mitt Romney, whose nationwide ballot-box score in 2012 was 27 percent support among Hispanics and 6 percent of African Americans. 

Trump isn’t going to win a majority of either bloc. Forty-nine percent of Hispanics and 69 percent of African Americans have a “very unfavorable “ view of Trump. But every percent of Hispanic support helps Trump in the critical state of Florida, and every percent of African American support helps Trump in a few northern states, such as Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. 

Notably, Hillary Clinton has a “very unfavorable” rating from 48 percent of Hispanics and 15 percent of African-Americans. That leaves Clinton’s “very unfavorable “ score among Hispanics level with Trump’s “very unfavorable” score.

What must Trump do to increase his share of the minority vote in November? Share your thoughts with us below!