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Team Hillary Just Made a Big Mistake That Could Cost Her the Election

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Hillary Clinton and her campaign team are counting their chickens before they are hatched. It seems the “Queen of Mean” has decided she is using the polls as leverage and fact as to where the country is currently standing on both sides of the Presidential campaign.

Here’s a great nugget for you that you probably didn’t realize. As of last Friday, Clinton led in every media poll since the last presidential debate. However, Rassmussen’s poll was the only national poll taken since that time and Donald Trump was up 43-41. Don’t you find it strange all the other national polls went silent?

Now Hillary’s team seems to be over confident or they are playing around with the Trump campaign to force them to spend more money. Hillary isn’t going state to state like Trump currently is. Hillary is running her campaign from her crypt.

From Washington Post:

The campaign is expected to decide in the coming days whether to make a more aggressive play for states such as Georgia, which is being eyed as one of the more promising opportunities for Clinton, and Arizona, where a couple of high-profile surrogates are being deployed this week: Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) on Tuesday and Chelsea Clinton on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is not willing to concede publicly that any states on the map are lost, maintaining that Clinton’s low favorability ratings and Trump’s anti-establishment message will push undecided voters and independents to break for Trump in the final leg of the campaign.

“We’re seeing a much more competitive contest than you’re analyzing them to be. We’re still playing a very active role in these states and obviously making as big of a play as possible,” said Trump spokesman Jason Miller. “There isn’t anything that’s not a priority. We don’t want to isolate it and say, everything comes down to these states.”

Added Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway: “Every time they get overconfident, we snap back.”

Conway said there may be a need to reallocate resources in the remaining weeks, but she noted that it’s “a little premature” to announce when or where that might happen.

Here we go. The last few weeks the media has played the game of misinformation. They have lied about the media polls calling them national polls. I do believe Hillary’s team is missing one specific point — nobody is taking into account 1st-time voters ready to kick out the establishment.

Let’s see how things go and let the Clinton team crack that egg before it hatches. They are in for a rude awakening.

What do you think about the Team Clinton’s possible direction? Do you really think they believe the media polls and that Clinton is up by double digits? Share your voices below in the comment section and let me know what you think.

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