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Trump’s Potential VP Rejects Obama’s Asian Trip Because Of THIS!


There are many Americans out there who think Donald Trump will be the President because he really cares about the country and not just making himself great. He already is great. They feel he wants to protect us and will not be risking our lives by letting 6,000 convicts out of prison before their sentences are finished like Barack Obama just did and we have no clue where they are or who they are.

Trump is in “pick the VP mode” right now and many names are running through the media as they rush to get the inside scoop on who it can be. Sen. Bob Corker, TN, is on that list and many Trump supporters are scratching their heads.

I believe meeting with these potential individuals is very important because he has time to decide. But getting to know them helps in the evaluation process. Just in case he doesn’t choose them, he can always work with them when elected because he’s had that one on one connection.


From Politico:

Sen. Bob Corker says he declined an invitation to join President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Asia this week, citing the busy congressional schedule.

But Corker did find time for a New York meeting with Donald Trump on Monday — a visit the Tennessee Republican downplayed despite ceaseless questions about whether he’s being considered as a vice-presidential nominee.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is plainly excited about Trump’s candidacy upending traditional political allegiances in Washington, even as he deflects questions about joining the Manhattan mogul on the ticket. Trump has campaigned as a deal maker who isn’t beholden to parties or ideology — the kind of pitch that could fit nicely with Corker’s own propensity for working across the aisle.

“Right now our country’s on a very negative trend with things as they’re going with both parties and the situation we’re in. That’s the thing that’s attracted Americans to [Trump] is hoping the status quo will change and we can address some of the big issues the nation is dealing with,” Corker said in a brief interview Monday after visiting with Trump.

While other Republicans have transformed from critics into Trump surrogates over the past few weeks, Corker has always maintained a distance from the race by refusing to endorse or criticize anyone by name, attacking the Washington “establishment” for ignoring voters in March as Trump became the clear front-runner.

Sen. Corker actually downplayed the meeting here:

Here’s a quick report on the meeting here:

If I had to choose assuming Trump wants a person from the political world and In no particular order: Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions, Jim Jordan, Tim Scott, Kasich, Rick Perry, Susanna Martinez, Sam Brownback, or Scott Walker.

Trump doesn’t need my help as he is a very smart man and has done a great job but a supporter can always dream, can’t we?

Who do you think Trump will choose as his VP candidate? Will it be a DC establishment politician that could upset his support or someone outside DC that rides the wave of an outsider? Share your opinions below in the comment section and add this story to your Facebook and Twitter account.

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