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Trump Protester Just Met Sheriff Clarke And Didn’t Expect The Conversation To Go This Way!


Barack Obama has succeeded in dramatically changing America. Now is the time to take it back.

Liberals are like thugs. They see the understanding, tolerance and equality those so sincerely pander for and see it as a weakness to exploit against Christians, True Americans and anyone who opposess them.

I have met with and talked to Sheriff Clarke. He is a common sense thinker and lives the way he speaks. What he did to this protester was just awesome.


From Fox News:

Sheriff David Clarke reacted to a Donald Trump protester’s defense of his demonstration outside the chaotic Chicago venue last Friday.

“Everything is … backwards in the country right now,” said the Milwaukee County sheriff. “This was an attempt to shut down free speech.”

“We’re looking at rioting, we’re calling that protesting. The cops are the bad guys, the crooks are the victims now. Everything that’s said when one wants to express themselves has to be put through an approval meter. This is a totalitarian movement.”

Clarke’s remarks came after Charles Paidock, a self-proclaimed socialist who was demonstrating outside the venue on Friday before the program was shut down, defended their actions.

“No right is exercised in the absolute,” said Paidock, a program coordinator for the College of Complexes organization and a member of the Chicago Socialist Party.

“It’s up to the citizens to put an end to this inflammatory hate speech.”

Three cheers for Sheriff Clarke. He copied me exactly in my sentiments. Liberals, scum bags, illegal aliens and the whole rotten lot of entitled liberal sheep don’t like Trump because he’s kicking the crap they’ve been spewing for years right back in their faces.

Thank you Sheriff, for putting Mr. Neal in his place. Trump supporters have done no wrong; they simply want to hear their candidate speak.

H/T – Fox News

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