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Trump Said the Polls are Rigged… But Are They? Here’s the Truth


These crooked polls have always been crooked. This is not the first time I’ve noticed them and you will probably agree with me. These polls for this 2016 election are not only suppressing Trump voters but to making a Hillary Clinton victory seem feasible. You can’t make Donald Trump’s overwhelming support go away, that would defy all optics and audibles. However, you can do everything possible to understate it and make it seem much less than it is.

Giving him a close 40 percent seems “reasonable” even if the senses and even intuition say it’s more like 60 percent. You can’t pervert reality too much because it becomes way too apparent. But you can move 20 percent around and make it look plausible.

Trump has every right to blast the media and the political machine for what we’ve been saying for the past few elections. The system is rigged against American voters and outside candidates. We will keep pressing as a people until we win and that’s not what the media wants to hear.

In fact, we just learned through WikiLeaks, that the polls are rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, by oversampling Democrats in polls to produce the outcome they want.

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump on Monday took to Twitter to uncork a new wrinkle to his claims of a rigged election, accusing Democrats of creating “phony polls to suppress the Trump.”

According to RealClearPolitics, Hillary Clinton holds about a 6-point average national lead over Trump, give or take depending on head-to-head or four-way.

Instead, Trump propped up the latest results from the Rasmussen Reports poll just released Monday:

It’s been long known that polls are tools of social engineering used mainly to sway public opinion. The demographics are carefully selected in which the polls are taken, and the questions carefully generated in order to get the desired results.

Remember the media is trying to change this election. We the people will not stand for it, we see through all the lies and misguided information. At this point, the media has NO credibility at all. Vote Trump/Pence on November 8th. It’s time to make America great again.

Do you feel the media is rigging the elections? Do you think the entire political system is rigged to keep outsiders from gaining Congress and the White House? Share your opinions below in the comment section. 

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