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Trump Says He’d Do This With Traitor Bergdahl!


President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both thought the swap of five high-ranking Taliban officials for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl – a man who abandoned his fellow troops – was a fantastic idea.

Republican front runner, Donald Trump, has a decidedly different view on the trade. In fact, he’d cut America’s losses and give Bergdahl back to the Taliban.

As for actual delivery of the traitor?  He’d “fly over and drop him right on top.”

Transcript (HT Gateway Pundit):

I don’t get it. I don’t get it. I said, “Where do these people come from?” And, we knew that he was a traitor when we made the deal because we had a general and a colonel go and interview all the people that knew him from his platoon. And, we knew he was a traitor. So, why would we make a deal? Let em keep him! I would have said, “Keep him. You can have him.” I’d give him back. I’d actually give him back. I’d fly over and drop him right on top.

The decision to swap several high-ranking Taliban commanders for an army sergeant who deserted his fellow troops resulted in a storm of controversy from lawmakers who have accused the White House of being reckless at best, and at worst, flat-out lawless.

A Trump presidency would almost certainly end such reckless deals.

Comment: What do you think of Trump’s suggestion that he’d give Bergdahl back to the Taliban? Agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below.

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